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Of-Counsel Asset Protection Attorney

Ike Z. Devji, J.D. is Of-Counsel with Lodmell & Lodmell P.C. and is the firm’s former managing attorney. He is the Executive Vice-President of the Wealthy 100 ™, a Phoenix Arizona based wealth management and wealth strategy firm with a network of advisors across the United States.

Mr. Devji selectively consults and provides Asset Protection services to high-net worth, high liability clients nationwide.

He has spoken on Asset Protection to literally thousands of physicians and other high-net worth clients across the country. He continues to teach continuing legal education on this subject to other attorneys and regularly lectures at the request of leading medical practice management and investment management groups including most recently, MultiFinancial Securities, Greenbook Financial, ING, ING TRUST, Comprehensive Wealth Management, CFO Advisors, numerous banks, and both Lorman and the National Business Institute.

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