Business Focus

Omnia is the only full-service economic development firm in Puerto Rico, combining years of experience in both the public and private sectors, including initial participation during the creation and promotion of Acts 20&22. Through its offices in San Juan and New York, Omnia has successfully transferred dozens of entities and individuals into the tax friendly shores of Puerto Rico.

Created in 2012 under then Governor Luis Fortuno, Acts 20&22 effectively reduce your corporate tax to 4%, and your personal passive income tax to 0%. Combined with an already Federal Income Tax of 0%, Puerto Rico is the most competitive jurisdiction in the United States to place your home and office.

Omnia understands how difficult it is to enter a new market, let alone a new home, which is why it prides itself of being the only turn-key operation in Puerto Rico. Through its services, Omnia shoulders all the burdens associated with registering a new corporate entity, applying for all available incentives, identifying real-estate and investment opportunities, recruiting human capital, and piercing the governmental and cultural veils. All in an effort to make your transition as painless as possible.

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