Welcome to the Asset Protection Council® (APC) – a revolutionary network of nationwide Attorneys, CPAs, and Financial Advisors. We are committed to providing a cohesive approach and access to the groundbreaking asset protection concept: The Bridge Trust®.

The APC was established by Lodmell & Lodmell® to offer affiliate members the unique opportunity to extend the unmatched benefits of The Bridge Trust® to their clients. This pioneering concept has been acknowledged as “The most exciting development since the inception of Asset Protection”.

What is The Bridge Trust®?

The Bridge Trust® is a unique blend of an offshore asset protection trust’s strength and the simplicity of a domestic grantor trust. Since its first application in 1997, The Bridge Trust® has effectively protected thousands of clients and is exclusively accessible through an affiliate membership with the Asset Protection Council®.

Why Join APC as a Financial Advisor?

Becoming an affiliate member of the APC empowers you to sidestep the conventional route of adding a sophisticated practice area to your business. As an affiliate, you can directly co-counsel with Lodmell & Lodmell to deliver comprehensive Asset Protection Services, including The Bridge Trust®, to your clients with minimal downtime.

The APC offers a plethora of benefits, including robust coaching and tools to aid the expansion of your practice. Incorporate new services, attract new clients, and leverage direct access to a reservoir of experience and resources to begin nurturing your practice immediately.

Joining the APC’s affiliate program also grants access to our nationwide network of attorneys. This network can support your clients’ diverse needs, assisting them in navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Expand your horizons, grow your practice, and join the vanguard of asset protection with the Asset Protection Council®. Join us today and become part of a movement revolutionizing asset protection and financial advising.

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