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Read APC Member Attorney Ike Devji’s new article in Independent Business Magazine on the layers of liability insurance required to create an insurance “program” that is always the first line of defense in any competent asset protection plan.

We cannot strongly enough stress the importance of this coverage including a personal liability umbrella on home and auto coverage of at least $1MM, in many cases more. Click Here

Named among Worth Magazine’s Leading Wealth and Legal Advisors, Attorney Ike Devji has devoted the last 13 years of his national legal practice to helping thousands of successful Americans and their advisors use the law to protect billions of dollars of their wealth, add surety to their plans and identify and manage their risks proactively. He is a frequent speaker, author and continuing education provider on these issues with over 300 nationally published bylines in medical, legal and financial journals and has contributed to several books on these issues.

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