July 6, 2017, APC Webinar rebroadcast.

This was a live webinar presented by Douglass Lodmell, J.D., LL.M.

Topic: Asset Protection Case Studies

Join host Douglass Lodmell, J.D., LL.M., Managing Partner of Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C., and founding Member of the Asset Protection Council® as he leads a live, interactive discussion on two seminal asset protection case rulings:

Dahl v. Dahl (2015)

Will a Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT) set up in Nevada be effective or respected in a Utah Divorce case?

While this case has received a fair amount of press about its ‘failure’ as a DAPT case, a closer look reveals that at best this case stands for the idea that a U.S. court cannot be trusted.

SEC v. Solow (2010)

What happens if the planning works, but the facts are very bad?

Mrs. Solow set up an offshore asset protection trust in 2010 shortly after receiving notification that her husband, Mr. Solow received notice of a significant judgement against himself by the SEC related to his separate business activities. She funded the Trust with her home worth $6 million which was located in Florida and held in Tenancy By the Entirety (TBE) with her husband. TBE is a very strong form of asset protection itself in that it insulates 100% of the assets from the creditors of just one of the spouses, which was the case here. The SEC argued that Mr. Solow was guilty of a fraudulent conveyance due to Mrs. Solow’s actions.