June 1, 2017, APC Webinar rebroadcast.

This was a live webinar presented by Guest Host Paul Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder, CEDR HR Solutions.

Topic: Navigating the Complex Employment and Labor Law Landscape

Mr. Edwards leads a concise, actionable and interactive presentation for legal professionals on recognizing HR threats to lessen liability.

As trusted advisors, you are often the first to hear about HR policy and employee issues happening inside your clients’ businesses during conversations with them. Learning to identify when a client is in danger, and helping them understand easy steps to prevent or solve the issue, increases your value.

You don’t have to solve their problem—you just need to be able to identify it.


  • Employment law basics, and how to identify common HR threats your clients may face.
  • Why at-will employment is important but is by no means a silver bullet.
  • If you provide employee handbooks, how you could increase your yearly income by $500 per client per year, year over year.


  • Many employers (and even attorneys) don’t recognize policies, HR actions, and employee issues that create liability, and how easy it is to protect the business better through sound HR practices. Quite literally, avoiding a problem is always the best defense.
  • At-will employment is widely misunderstood, and employers often damage at-will status or create other termination liabilities. The guidance “don’t state a reason when you fire” rarely helps avoid lawsuits, but understanding at-will and safe terminations drastically lessens risk. This is valuable information you can pass on to your clients.
  • As professionals, we are all looking for ways to better serve clients while creating income for our businesses. You can easily benefit from the monthly recurring revenue model Paul Edwards and Douglass Lodmell use in their own business. (NOTE: Your business does not need to be involved in HR to use this guidance.)