Asset Protection Council®

We have designed a unique plan that allows clients to have the full protection of an offshore plan without the complexity, cost and reporting requirements that drive most clients away from offshore.

Our “Best of Both Worlds” system integrates the best domestic tools, such as Limited Partnerships, Corporations and LLCs with our unique Asset Protection Trust, in such a way that there are no foreign reporting requirements, no 3520 and no excessive offshore trustee fees until and unless they are needed.

We have also developed what we consider the most comprehensive Affiliate Attorney network in the country, focused exclusively on supporting other attorneys in adding sophisticated Asset Protection planning to their client offerings. Our Affiliate Attorney program allows you to immediately be “up to speed” on the most advanced planning, and we are able to leverage our expertise and knowledge to support you and your clients right away.

Our program creates a co-counsel relationship in which we both support the client together. We focus on building around the planning you have already done, while adding the components that are needed for complete protection.

Join Our Affiliate Program

We work with and support many attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors to expand their practice into the highly complex and important area of Asset Protection.

For attorneys this involves a co-counsel relationship, which allows us to share the work, and allows you to provide Asset Protection through your law firm right away. For CPAs and financial advisors, we provide resources and information to help you educate and support your clients, as well as access to our network of attorneys.

Our goal is to create a network of affiliates and advisors nationwide to whom we can reliably refer our clients with their ever-expanding and diverse needs. This includes the areas of Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning and Investment Counseling, as well as the many related areas of law that Private Client Planners deal with.

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