COVID-19 Proof Your Retirement Assets Using a Private Retirement Trust

We are all truly facing unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has impartially and almost instantly impacted our lives globally, socially and economically in ways never before seen in this great Country’s history. Financial experts opine that the U.S. economy may shrink by fifteen percent (15%) in the three months to June and the national unemployment rate may jump from 3.9% to 6%. According to recession forecasters, a significant jump in the unemployment rate signals an imminent recession.

Mr. and Mrs. K – An APC Affiliate Attorney Case Study


The client information summarized here represents an actual client.  Names and all identifying information has been removed or changed to protect the attorney client privilege.  This information is designed to be used as an instructional tool only.  Determining the appropriateness of any planning for any […]

Investing in Overseas Real Estate

The term “global marketplace” has never been more descriptive-particularly when it comes to real estate. There are numerous reasons why many of our clients invest in property overseas, including asset protection, portfolio diversification, retirement planning, privacy, and […]

Entities Must Now Report Specified Foreign Assets on Form 8938

Recently created rules outlining IRS reporting requirements for entities with foreign asset holdings or transactions are in effect this tax season – and failing to follow the new rules can result in significant penalties.

The rules will require covered domestic corporations, partnerships and trusts – which […]

Key Concepts of Asset Protection: Podcast Series

Welcome to the Key Concepts of Asset Protection.  My name is Douglass Lodmell, Asset Protection attorney and founder of the Asset Protection Council.

In this podcast series, you will learn about the 15 Key Concepts that I consider critical if you want to understand what Asset […]

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