Business Focus

I’m driven by my passion for growth, efficiency, and integrity. This shows up both in my own life and how I approach my work with you. For example, I passed all four parts of the CPA exams on the first attempt – only 10% of those eligible pull that off.

I let out a bit of my “geek” side when working with you: I always seek to educate first. As an advisor, I only speak from experience and never recommend a strategy that I’ve not completed thorough due diligence for and/or tested on myself. Transparency and respect are central virtues in each of my client relationships.

I worked in the accounting profession for over ten years while consuming every tax strategy book I could get my hands on. Then, when my managing partner at the time dismissed my ideas as too aggressive, I struck out on my own with CPA Solutions in 2014. Since then, some of my career highlights include:
– Achieved Mastery level membership and became the top producer of Wealth & Tax Strategies for Tom Wheelwright’s WealthAbility® Network in 2019.
– Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) in my businesses to create a clear path to sustainable growth.
– CPA Solutions qualified for the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Did I mention that I love to scale?

When I’m not obsessing about my work, I love to enjoy life! Growing up in the Mountain West, I have a love for the outdoors and enjoy golf, hiking and snowboarding. I’m currently based in Laguna Beach, CA, when not spending time in my second home in Telluride, CO. Despite my cash flow-positive business and investments, I pay very little in taxes because of my personal wealth strategy.

Other specialties of mine include Estate Tax Mitigation, Real Estate Syndications, Working Interest Oil and Gas, Business Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Conservation Easements, Captive Insurance, International Tax, and more.

I’m living my dream; how can I help you live yours?

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